Day pass film (English)



Getting started with a day pass? Then watch this film!

Does your job involve working on or near rail or metro infrastructure with a day pass? If it does, watch the interactive film that takes you through risks you might run into when you’re working on a rail or metro infrastructure, or on the construction site.

Watch the film and answer the questions in the hotspots. This way, you’ll be safer on the job.

Do you often work on rail or metro infrastructure? It pays to get the DVP

If your job often involves working on or near rail or metro infrastructure, it’s a good idea to get your digital safety passport (DVP). It saves you time and makes sure you’re safer on the job. Ask your employer to register you for the DVP safety training.

Self-employed without employees?

Two steps to your own digital security passport (DVP):

1. Register your company with the DVP portal. You can register here (Dutch). Keep your Chamber of Commerce registration handy.

2. You can also register your company with the training centre, the Bureau voor Toetsing en Certificering. After that, you can sign up for the DVP training and test. Click here (Dutch) to register.

Click on the picture below to watch the film now.